take you time :-)
even if I am old, I can wait ;-).
Just wanted to add something to the wish list, to be considered as future development.
But enabling FTS (simple) is just simple, so I suggest as Staffan does, make it default enabled.

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Från: Mark Miesfeld <>
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Datum: tisdag, 23 oktober 2012 20:09
Ämne: Re: [Oorexx-users] ooSQLite with encryption, update
On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 10:46 AM, hakan <> wrote:
I second that, and also support for more tokenizer in the FTS, default today is "simple"

"An FTS tokenizer is a set of rules for extracting terms from a document or basic FTS full-text query."


I looked at ICU. The build would need to link to that library to be able to do SQLITE_ENABLE_ICU. This looks interesting to me, but more than I'm prepared to do in 2012.

Strings coming through Rexx will not be unicode. The ICU library might make it possible to translate the Rexx strings to UNICODE, but of course you would not be able to use the full range of UNICODE characters. There would need to be some method to allow you to put UNICODE strings into the database. Perhaps a way to load the strings from a file that is not filtered through Rexx. Or a method that would allow creating a Rexx buffer object filled with bytes.

All, in all it would take considerable work over what is currently available in ooSQLite.

Mark Miefeld