I understand that from now on I can and should commit code and text directly to a repository. I've worked with various check-in repositories in the past, and they've all been quite different at the detail level. So I guess I need some guidance on this particular repository and the processes and tools needed. Here are the immediate questions that occur to me:
(1) Do I continue to upload patches?  If yes, then how do I handle the patches after upload so that files are properly updated, and what tools do I need?
(2) Since the code/chapters are "built" at various times, and placed into "versioned repositories" (see below) that all may access, I assume I need to submit code/text to two different places, each being the place that the builds get their input from.  If this is correct, where are these places (i.e. what URLs)?
(3) Since builds are done according to some timetable, where do I find out what the timetable is?
(4) Do I do the builds for my stuff, and if so, what tools do I need?
(5) I believe that compiled binaries such as resource-only DLLs are not built for each version, but just once prior to public release. Is that correct?
By "versioned repositories" I mean the ones I know about, that is:
- Document source (latest revision): https://oorexx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/oorexx/docs/trunk/oodguide/
- Document PDFs: (all revisions)  http://build.oorexx.org/builds/docs/
- Exercises (latest revision): https://oorexx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/oorexx/main/trunk/samples/windows/oodialog/userGuide/exercises/
Many thanks,