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#58 Look case-insensitive even on case-sensitive FS or ...


Looking for files on a case-sensitive file system (like
on Unix systems) may pose unexpected results, if
external stored Rexx programs cannot be found because
the case of the filename is not all in uppercase and as
a result the program stops with file not found errors
(while the same program works on other platforms).

If there is a possibility to still search for external
Rexx programs in a case-insensitive way even on a
case-sensitive FS, then that would be preferrable.

But what ooRexx could do in any case is the following:
first try to find the external file with the extensions
it tries out appended first in lower- and then in
uppercase, and if not found, try to find the external
Rexx files with all in lowercase (entire filename,
including the extension).


  • mdlueck

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    Oh Boy Rony, this is a major topic around the Samba project,
    and solutions can burn CPU cycles. Since it is a known fact
    that Rexx translates strings to upper case for many
    operations, including finding external functions, then I
    guess I would vote to leave it alone and allow the detail to
    be resolved during application testing.

    Hopefully more code is being converted to OO style and uses
    ::requires to link to it, which supports "" around the
    filename, and I just make the case match between disk and
    source. Thus PrettyCase can be preserved vs being aNy CaSe
    in the program and UPPER CASE on disk. But yes, I bump into
    the UPPER issue every once and a while setting up DateRGF on
    Linux... ;-)

  • Rick McGuire
    Rick McGuire

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    The linux implementations now search for the names in all lower case if not found in the original case.



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