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#418 ooDialog - improve connectKeyPress methods

Mark Miesfeld
ooDialog (102)
Mark Miesfeld

In ooDialog the connectKeyPress(), and related methods, allow the connecting of key combination like Ctrl-S or Alt-Home to a method in the Rexx dialog. This works fine for key events where the user is physically typing the keys.

However, it is not uncommon for users to have "remote control" applications that insert key strokes into the message queue of windows running in a different process. The connectKeyPress methods will, currently, not detect this for key combinations because the methods check if the modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, and Shift) are physically down.

It would be nice to also detect the key event when the key combination is inserted into the message queue by an outside process. This can be done by using a different Windows API.

The Rexx programmer could have an option to specify the behavior. By default the connectKeyPress() methods would behave as now, a match for the key event would check that modifier key(s) were physically depressed. By adding the VIRT keyword to the key filter, the programmer could specify to detect inserted key events also.



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