• "switchrx" at c: prompt (In OS/2 Window)gets 'sys1041 ... not recognized ... as a command'. a search for "switchrx.*" doesn't find anything. I still have the diskets; is it in there or available anywhere?

    • It should be available if you have Warp 4 or above installed. Otherwise it may be possible to get oRexx from http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-browse?sh=1&dir=/pub/os2/dev/orexx

    • MH--

      Thanks. For some reason I have v3. Do I need anything other than than objrxx30.zip (I'm not sure about disk space on my old IBM desk-top)?


      • I think you should be able to install objrxx30.zip on os/2 v3, it doesn't require too much hard disk space. It is possible that some rexx applications don't run afterwards, but that can be solved by switching back again.