ooRexx: Complex DIALOG question

  • Guy Swagten
    Guy Swagten

    Hello World ....

    I have a problem , which I can't solve untill now.

    I have an ooRexx progam that creates a (large) STARTUP dialog:

    gemalDlgInst = .gemal_dialog~new()

    including a several pullDown options:



    self~addMenuItem('FTP', 80, , 'Ftp')


    So method FTP is called when selected:

    ::method ftp

    START FTP -- External ooRexx

    This method will start another (external) ooRexx called FTP.rex . 'Start' is
    used to be able to start several programs from the main dialog.

    So far so good.

    What I would like however, is that the external ooRexx modules would be using
    the 'main' gemalDlgInst object AND when the external Rexx creates another
    dialog, it should be created within the 'main' dialog.

    I would lilke to be able to use the .environment variables set in the main
    rexx in the started external modules.

    Also ,this would allow the user to minimize the main dialog together with all
    started sub-ooRexx modules.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thank you very much!!!

    Kind regards,

    Guy Swagten

    The Netherlands