Installing and using OoRexx on MAC OS X

  • I have installed ooRexx-4.0.1.i586.macosx (4.01Beta) and the installation
    finishes without complains. However when trying to run a Rex program in the
    standard MAC OS X Terminal window I get error messages like

    Could not find routine "oodplain.cls" for ::REQUIRES

    804 - ::requires 'winsystm.cls'

    REX0043E: Error 43 running /Users/pojonsson/Desktop/nplloc.REX line 804:
    Routine not found

    REX0418E: Error 43.901: Could not find routine "winsystm.cls" for ::REQUIRES

    I guess that it is a simple settings problem, but searching for the classes
    missing it appears they are REALLY missing.

    I have used OoRexx successfully on Windows XP but I am a completely newbie on
    MAC, Can someone please give me a hint what to do.

    I run MAC OS X 10.6.6

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    The ooDialog extension and the winsystm extension are both Windows only
    extensions. The class files for those extensions are not distributed with the
    MAC version of ooRexx.

    They would not work on Mac OS X anyway.

  • Ok, pity. Is there any other solution to make GUIs in the MAC world with
    OoRexx? I don't need any bells and whistles, just a simple way to communicate
    with a user of the program. I am currently using a Windows version of OoRexx
    in an emulater session and that is ok but not optimal. Where do I find the
    files associated with the installation on a MAC? what parts are in and what
    parts are out? Would it be possible (with some more knowledge on Unix this
    end) to compile something useful? I understand that the libraries/classes are
    written in C and I still have my Kernighan and Ritchie (first edition) right
    in front of me in the shelf.

    Thanks anywhay for the swift reply.

  • There is ongoing work on porting BSF4ooRexx to MacOSX, which would allow for
    what you are seeking. It even would allow you to create such GUI-programs on
    Linux or Windows for the time being and run them unchanged on the Mac later.

    There are a few moving targets currently for the Mac:

    • BSF4ooRexx-port: this is almost done (fat binary with ppc, i386, x86_64), some testing needed though,
    • ooRexx 4.1.0-port:: this is work in progress that has started already, however no dates can be given at this time when this will become available.

    Once both, ooRexx 4.1 and BSF4ooRexx are available for the Mac you could move
    your app there to run it natively.

    In the meantime you could try to locate the ooRexx 3.2 version for the MacOSX
    which AFAIK includes the BSF4Rexx support. (BSF4ooRexx is backwardly
    compatible with BSF4Rexx. However, I have no personal experiences with that
    version on the Mac at all.)



    P.S.: Tried to send that with my regular mail-id, but it did not go through.

  • Hi again, yes, it certainly helped.

    This sounds like GREAT news, I am working towards getting 4.1 in my office (we
    use 4.0.0 now), Bsf4ooRexx will solve some problems there. Then I can use the
    same version on my native MAC.

    I have/had the 3.2 version I will see if I can get something running. As I
    said I am a newbie on MAC myself when it comes to programming. I just found
    out I have a C compiler (Xcode) on it, I will start there.

    PS If there is anything you want me to test (read:break) just give me a hint.