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XP -- pipes -- ooRexx

  • Weyland Yutani
    Weyland Yutani

    Would someone who knows something about Windows XP pipes and ooRexx please take a look at

    There's a pair of mainframers floundering around in the Microsoft Murk over there.

    • Mark Harsen
      Mark Harsen

      I'm an old VM/CMS Systems Programmer too. The latest OOREXX is miraculously better than the VM/CMS version and I could never go back. I will have to say, however, that I really miss the CMS PIPES package. It could do multiple simultaneous threads/pipes that could do just about anything. And to prove it, I wrote a TACACS authentication server in nothing but CMS PIPES! No, there was no REXX code except to start the pipe stages. As good as OOREXX is, the functionality of CMS PIPES isn't present and a good set of pipes could process a lot of data very quickly without much "code".

      Ah, but back to the present. -Mark

    • George


      Rexx did and always will work the BEST with CMS on VM. There are CMS Pipeline Stages where its even twice as many what you'd find for NetView too.

    • Hi Weyland,

      It looks like they want to pipe 'dir' to a file using mainframe vm/cms pipes syntax '|'. Just change that to '>' ... 'dir *.jpg > jpg_dir.txt'. You can use this for dir, attrib, etc. it all of its forms. Likewise, you can pipe trace output if trace is included in the rexx script ... 'myrexxcmd 2>tr.txt' will caputre all trace output in the file 'tr.txt'. But to collect 'dir' info dynamically in rexx I prefer using the ooRexx function 'SysFileTree'.

      I don't have a sign-in at tek-tips, so please re-post this there if it applies.

    • Use RXQUEUE...

      "DIR C:* | RXQUEUE"
      do while queued() > 0
      parse pull line