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[r9965] by bigrixx

some wording imporovements in round/floor/ceiling

2014-04-12 11:20:36 Tree
[r9964] by miesfeld

Add a Console class implementation to the incubator

2014-04-06 20:21:52 Tree
[r9963] by miesfeld

#214 SysTextScreenSize()

2014-04-04 00:14:50 Tree
[r9962] by miesfeld

ooDialog examples - fix so that things work with ooDialog 4.2.3

2014-03-24 23:46:30 Tree
[r9961] by miesfeld

ooDialog - when using the GDI rectangle APIs, follow Microsoft's conventions. Trying to make it 'easier' for the Rexx programmer causes many problems.

2014-03-20 00:02:03 Tree
[r9960] by miesfeld

Update the ooDialg examples package with a couple more examples

2014-03-19 23:57:35 Tree
[r9959] by bigrixx

[#1250] Compiling 4.2.0 on MacOSX

2014-03-18 19:03:51 Tree
[r9958] by bigrixx

[#1250] Compiling 4.2.0 on MacOSX

2014-03-17 23:08:35 Tree
[r9957] by bigrixx

fix logical error in position parsing

2014-03-17 13:30:06 Tree
[r9956] by wdashley

docs - Fixed the clean command in most of the Makefile files.

2014-03-14 15:01:27 Tree
[r9955] by wdashley

4.3.0 docs - rexxref and rexxpg should be fixed now.

2014-03-14 13:10:41 Tree
[r9954] by wdashley

docs 4.3.0 - Fix more problems.

2014-03-13 15:12:52 Tree
[r9953] by wdashley

Fix some problems that prevented building the docs. Problem still remains for rexxref.

2014-03-13 00:04:44 Tree
[r9952] by wdashley

Fix the version numbers for all docs and remove the ™ from all titles.

2014-03-12 01:25:31 Tree
[r9951] by wdashley

Update the download page for the 4.2.0 release.

2014-03-11 18:03:56 Tree
[r9950] by sahananda

added 4.2.0 announcment to ooRexx website. Mainly just Marks text, but the previous anouncement had a link to download the docs, so I left an amended version of that. Jon

2014-03-09 09:45:59 Tree
[r9949] by wdashley

rxsock6 - Added new smtp and streamsock classes to support IPv6.

2014-03-07 17:12:44 Tree
[r9948] by wdashley

orxsock6 - Added some additional error checking.

2014-03-06 21:13:52 Tree
[r9947] by wdashley

orxsock6 - Oops! Used the wrong message! Corrected.

2014-03-06 16:58:37 Tree
[r9946] by wdashley

rxsock6 - Changed the error reporting mechanism. Now both the return code and the errno value are saved after every socket API call to instance attributes. This way error chacking can be delayed by the caller of all methods until convienent.

2014-03-06 16:22:52 Tree
[r9945] by wdashley

rxsock6 - Added a readme file and a few tweaks.

2014-03-05 21:43:19 Tree
[r9944] by wdashley

rxsock6 - Added an IPv4 test and some tweaks.

2014-03-05 19:48:52 Tree
[r9943] by wdashley

orxsock6 - added some tweaks and some additional testing.

2014-03-05 16:17:58 Tree
[r9942] by wdashley

orxsock6 - fixed the Windows porting issues and added some new functionality.

2014-03-04 21:42:03 Tree
[r9941] by wdashley

orxsock6 - This is the new IPv6 sockets class. The work is not yet complete but all of the supplied test do work. Note that you do NOT have to have an IPv6 configured adapter for this code to work. More updates will be coming to this code and, as always, suggestions are always welcome.

2014-03-04 20:08:50 Tree
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