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Commit [r9931] Maximize Restore History

ooTest -

The test_SetDefaultPrinter_ret_old_style test case in the SysWin_xxx_Printer.testGroup
test group will sometimes fail, returning 1460 instead of 0

1460 is the system error code: ERROR_TIMEOUT This operation returned because
the timeout period expired

This is perfectly valid, and actually shows the SetDefaultPrint() method is
working correclty, returning the Windows system error code when there is a
system error.

miesfeld 2014-02-17

changed /test/branches/4.2.0/trunk/ooRexx/base/rexxutil/platform/windows/SysWin_xxx_Printer.testGroup
/test/branches/4.2.0/trunk/ooRexx/base/rexxutil/platform/windows/SysWin_xxx_Printer.testGroup Diff Switch to side-by-side view