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Diff of /docs/trunk/oodialog/en-US/menus.xml [r9444] .. [r9445] Maximize Restore

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--- a/docs/trunk/oodialog/en-US/menus.xml
+++ b/docs/trunk/oodialog/en-US/menus.xml
@@ -922,7 +922,7 @@
 <entry>Inserts a separator into this menu at the specified position.</entry>
-<entry><xref linkend="mthIsChecked"/></entry>
+<entry><xref linkend="mthIsCheckedMenu"/></entry>
 <entry>Determines if the specified menu item is checked.</entry>
@@ -4284,8 +4284,8 @@
 </section>  <!-- End menu object::insertSeparator() -->
-<section id="mthIsChecked" xreflabel="isChecked"><title>isChecked</title>
+<section id="mthIsCheckedMenu" xreflabel="isChecked"><title>isChecked</title>
+<indexterm><primary>isChecked</primary><secondary>menu object</secondary></indexterm>
 <indexterm><primary>menu object</primary><secondary>isChecked</secondary></indexterm>
@@ -4754,7 +4754,7 @@
   Determines if a specific menu item <xref linkend="sctMenuItemIDs"/> is valid for this menu and if one of the
-  <emphasis role="italic">is*</emphasis> methods, <xref linkend="mthIsChecked"/>, <xref linkend="mthIsPopup"/>, etc., is
+  <emphasis role="italic">is*</emphasis> methods, <xref linkend="mthIsCheckedMenu"/>, <xref linkend="mthIsPopup"/>, etc., is
   likely to fail.