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Code SVN Repository Log

Commit Date  
[r9343] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - remove comment left over from testing

2013-07-05 03:12:39 Tree
[r9342] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - fix missing printf specifier

2013-07-05 02:03:15 Tree
[r9341] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - fix packaging file

2013-07-04 18:30:45 Tree
[r9340] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - add the manual to the repository

2013-07-04 18:20:30 Tree
[r9339] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - bring Linux version up-to-date

2013-07-04 17:12:27 Tree
[r9338] by miesfeld

Move ooRexx 4.1.3 to release

2013-07-04 15:15:41 Tree
[r9337] by miesfeld

ooRexx 4.1.3 - update release date to July

2013-07-04 15:12:24 Tree
[r9336] by miesfeld

Move 4.1.3 docs to release

2013-07-04 15:02:03 Tree
[r9335] by miesfeld

4.1.3 docs - update release month

2013-07-04 14:58:04 Tree
[r9334] by miesfeld

ooDialog - add an example showing how to do incremental searches in a list box

2013-07-01 02:29:52 Tree
[r9333] by miesfeld

ooDialog examples - change semantics to make more sense.

2013-06-28 04:40:28 Tree
[r9332] by tammer

AIX: Compilation fix

2013-06-26 06:11:04 Tree
[r9331] by tammer

AIX: Compilation fix

2013-06-26 06:10:39 Tree
[r9330] by osims

More work on Appendix 6 (drag & drop).

2013-06-25 22:11:05 Tree
[r9329] by osims

Updated Appendix 6 images.

2013-06-25 17:52:59 Tree
[r9328] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - more work on extensions, fix some errors when creating a classic rexx stem result set

2013-06-25 02:31:00 Tree
[r9327] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc - proof reading fix

2013-06-25 02:29:46 Tree
[r9326] by miesfeld

ooDialog doc - fix copy / paste error

2013-06-25 02:29:13 Tree
[r9325] by osims

Add drag/drop to Product/ProductView.rex (source) to allow to drop on Order/OrderFormView.rex.

2013-06-24 21:30:27 Tree
[r9324] by tammer

revert 8520

2013-06-24 15:12:13 Tree
[r9323] by tammer

revert 9322

2013-06-24 15:06:52 Tree
[r9322] by tammer

AIX: We need the TheNilObject, not OREF_NULL. Otherwise you end up with a compiler error.

2013-06-23 08:21:47 Tree
[r9321] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc - fix tags

2013-06-22 17:19:54 Tree
[r9320] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc - work on the doc related to user defined extensions

2013-06-22 17:13:32 Tree
[r9319] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - move the builtin extension related methods to the ooSQLExtensions class, clean up the method names for that class, and fix the examples

2013-06-22 17:12:21 Tree
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