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+                           Resizable Dialogs
+                           =================
+There are 2 basic ways to produce resizable dialogs in ooDialog.
+One way is to use the DlgArea and its subclass, DlgAreaU.  Note that the
+DlgArea class in itself does not produce a resizable dialog.  It is the
+DlgAreaU subclass that effectively allows resizing.
+The other way is to have a dialog class inherit the ResizingAdmin
+This subdirectory tree contains two subdirectories that contain example
+programs showing how to use both methods.  Not surprisingly, the
+subdirectory, DlgAreaU contains examples using the DlgAreaU method and
+the subdirectory, ResizingAdmin, contains examples showing how to use
+the ResizingAdmin mixin class to produce resizable dialogs.