--- a/ooDialog/branches/4.2.1/doc/oodguide/en-US/Chapter01.xml
+++ b/ooDialog/branches/4.2.1/doc/oodguide/en-US/Chapter01.xml
@@ -86,6 +86,12 @@
       Specifically, the code for the exercises will be in
         <computeroutput>samples\oodialog\userGuide\exercises</computeroutput>. Note that exercise
       numbers are aligned with chapter numbers. Thus the first exercise, introduced in Chapter 2, is
-      found in the folder <computeroutput>Exercise02</computeroutput>. </para>
+      found in the folder <computeroutput>Exercise02</computeroutput></para>
+<section id="firstversion"><title>Note to First Version</title>
+<para>Please note that, in this version of the book, the exercise presented in the last chapter is
+      only the first stage of building the Sales Order application, and the sample model-view
+      framework is not present. However, it is planned that the next version of the book will both
+      introduce the model-view framework and complete the application. </para>