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Code SVN Repository Log

Commit Date  
[r4355] by miesfeld

Set default to build 32-bit

2009-04-10 15:38:41 Tree
[r4332] by miesfeld

Add an example of running an ooDialog program from native C++ code.
There is a gotcha to this that might be hard for users to discover.

2009-03-31 21:14:07 Tree
[r4331] by miesfeld

clean up

2009-03-30 21:47:49 Tree
[r4319] by miesfeld

Example program showing problem with prologue in requires file not executing

2009-03-25 16:04:45 Tree
[r4307] by miesfeld

Update the make file to build either debug or release versions

2009-03-23 00:11:03 Tree
[r4298] by miesfeld

Add some text to the Windows make file on how to set up on a build system
that does not have an installed ooRexx.

2009-03-19 18:39:43 Tree
[r4295] by miesfeld

Polish up the comments in the api examples. Use the correct package name
in the lessSimpleRW example.

2009-03-19 04:29:33 Tree
[r4294] by miesfeld

Start of some 4.0.0 API examples

2009-03-19 00:21:55 Tree