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Diff of /docs/trunk/publican/oosqlite/en-US/oosqliteConnection.xml [r8486] .. [r8487] Maximize Restore

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--- a/docs/trunk/publican/oosqlite/en-US/oosqliteConnection.xml
+++ b/docs/trunk/publican/oosqlite/en-US/oosqliteConnection.xml
@@ -3795,7 +3795,7 @@
     parameters are set for the explicitly declared column. If there is no explicitly declared INTEGER PRIMARY KEY column,
     then the output parameters are set as follows:
-  <simplelist type='vert' columns=''>
+  <simplelist type='vert' columns='2'>
     <member>Data type:</member><member>&quot;INTEGER&quot;</member>
     <member>Collation sequenc:</member><member>&quot;BINARY&quot;</member>
     <member>Not null:</member><member>false</member>