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+                   Independent ooDialog Installation
+                   =================================
+In July 2012 the ooRexx project began providing the option of installing
+ooDialog "independently" of the ooRexx installation.  An independent
+installation of ooDialog is an installation package that installs a
+version of ooDialog over the top of an existing ooRexx installation.
+The ooDialog installation package replaces whatever version of ooDialog
+currently exists in the ooRexx installation with the installation
+package's version of ooDialog.  Each independent version of ooDialog has
+a minimum required version of ooRexx.  Any version of ooDialog can be
+installed as long the version of the installed ooRexx meets the minimum
+requirement of the ooDialog package.
+The following packages are available:
+ooDialog Version         Required ooRexx Version
+ooDialog 4.0.0           ooRexx 4.0.0
+ooDialog 4.1.0           ooRexx 4.0.0
+ooDialog 4.2.0           ooRexx 4.1.0
+The ooDialog version numbers have been decoupled from the ooRexx version
+numbers.  Future versions of ooDialog will be released as independent
+installation packages.  If a new version of ooDialog is available, users
+will be able to upgrade to that version of ooDialog without waiting for
+a new version of ooRexx to be released.
+ooDialog will continue to be distributed with ooRexx.  A new release of
+ooRexx will contain the latest released version of ooDialog.  Note that
+with the independent installation of ooDialog users that may be unhappy
+with the direction ooDialog is taking will always be able to upgrade
+their ooRexx installation, and then install the older version of