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[r7098] by miesfeld

incubator - fix a few errors in simpleFolderBrowse.rex

2011-08-09 19:54:41 Tree
[r7097] by miesfeld

ooDialog - resource script file is missing a needed include to compile

2011-08-09 19:27:30 Tree
[r7096] by miesfeld

ooDialog - add missing listbox style when parsing a resource script

2011-08-09 18:20:55 Tree
[r7095] by miesfeld

Fix the deprected menu methods usage of the menu classes

2011-08-08 22:05:53 Tree
[r7094] by osims
2011-08-08 14:24:55 Tree
[r7093] by osims
2011-08-08 14:23:18 Tree
[r7092] by jfaucher

ooRexxShell : new command 'reload', to reload everything after modification of sources.

2011-08-08 06:47:28 Tree
[r7091] by jfaucher

More notes : a selection of texts found in oorexx mailing lists and forums.

2011-08-06 15:15:20 Tree
[r7090] by jfaucher

halt : code review after Rony's questions
Kotlin : Extension functions
PTVS : good critics, maybe some ideas to reuse if a serious work on workbench is started

2011-08-06 10:18:16 Tree
[r7089] by osims

Update to Chapter 4 - now at v00-03 - corrects several things plus update to match the code.

2011-08-03 16:09:15 Tree
[r7088] by osims
2011-08-01 09:21:49 Tree
[r7087] by jfaucher

source literal : missing code for the routine attribute

2011-08-01 07:21:28 Tree
[r7086] by jfaucher

More work on doers, functional, pipeline.

2011-07-31 23:28:51 Tree
[r7085] by jfaucher

Immediate parsing of source literals.

2011-07-31 23:20:45 Tree
[r7084] by miesfeld

Patch 3379799 Exercise03b - files renamed Patch supplied by Oliver Sims

2011-07-28 03:12:05 Tree
[r7083] by miesfeld

patch 3379755 oodGuide - Mods to Chapter 2 Patch supplied by Oliver Sims

2011-07-28 03:04:58 Tree
[r7082] by miesfeld

ooDialog - user guide samples, replace place holder image with real image

2011-07-28 03:01:57 Tree
[r7081] by miesfeld

ooDialog User Guide - replace place holder image with real image

2011-07-28 03:01:04 Tree
[r7080] by jfaucher

doers : documentation of ClauseSupplier

2011-07-25 07:33:34 Tree
[r7079] by jfaucher

oorexxShell :
The default interpreter is now oorexx (before, was the system interpreter).
Use .traceOutput or .error when appropriate
Don't print status messages if not interactive.

2011-07-24 22:25:54 Tree
[r7078] by jfaucher

Refactoring of doers.
More work on pipes.

2011-07-24 22:13:36 Tree
[r7077] by jfaucher

More work on source literals

2011-07-24 22:04:03 Tree
[r7076] by miesfeld

ooDialog User Guide - temporary fix for missing image file Appendix02-image1.jpg

2011-07-24 18:56:01 Tree
[r7075] by miesfeld

ooDialog User Guide - fix compile / build portions of the book

2011-07-24 15:45:03 Tree
[r7074] by jfaucher

internals : seems I will never take time to complete the doc... In the meantime, I commit my raw notes to put them under version control.

2011-07-24 10:48:21 Tree
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