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                <b>Open Object Rexx Downloads</b>
-            <h2>All Downloads</h2>
+            <h2>Interium Builds</h2>
+            <p>
+               Interium builds for the next version of ooRexx are available on the
+               <a href="./builds/">Builds</a> page on this web site.
+               Please note that the builds are produced on a nightly basis when the Subversion source
+               code repository changes.
+            </p>
+            <h2>All Release Downloads</h2>
                If you don't see what you want then visit the
                <a href="http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=119701">ooRexx Downloads</a> page on SourceForge.
                Please note that the SourceForge page actually does contain ALL of our releases.
-               If you do not see the release you are looking for be sure to click on the
-               the plus signs beside the release name labels in order to expand
-               the release. By default, the SourceForge page only expands the list of files for the most current release,
-               you have to expand the others by clicking on them.
             <h2>Current Releases</h2>