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Code SVN Repository Log

Commit Date  
[r6394] by wdashley

Change "raise error" to "raise syntax".

2010-11-17 17:14:36 Tree
[r6393] by wdashley

Fix the argument checking and add a new test.

2010-11-17 16:16:14 Tree
[r6392] by wdashley

Add Vladimir's name to the CONTRIBUTORS file.

2010-11-16 20:51:44 Tree
[r6391] by wdashley

Add Vladimir's copyright notice.

2010-11-16 20:50:27 Tree
[r6390] by wdashley

Add the Zabrodsky AAT class and tests. Also some additions to the orxvirt class.

2010-11-16 20:43:45 Tree
[r6389] by jfaucher

internals : debug
edited with xxe, quite fun to use.

2010-11-14 23:54:11 Tree
[r6388] by jfaucher

m17n : replaced size_t by strong types in BufferClass and StringClass, to detect misuse between 'size in bytes' and 'size in chars'.
As expected, that generated a lot of compilation errors, now fixed and annotated with "todo m17n".

2010-11-14 22:18:47 Tree
[r6387] by wdashley

Return SysFileTree back to using stat instead of stat64.

2010-11-12 20:31:38 Tree
[r6386] by wdashley

Return SysFileTree back to using stat instead of stat64.

2010-11-12 20:24:36 Tree
[r6385] by wdashley

Fix the 4.1.0 branch so we consistently call stat64 in rexxutil.

2010-11-12 20:16:36 Tree
[r6384] by wdashley

Fix the trunk so we consistently call stat64 in rexxutil.

2010-11-12 20:07:18 Tree
[r6383] by wdashley

The 4.1.0 branch had the same problems as the trunk with a fresh checkout. All better now.

2010-11-12 17:14:04 Tree
[r6382] by wdashley

The rpm build was still not correct for the trunk. I did a fresh checkout and still gor errors. This corrects all problems with th trunk.

2010-11-12 16:51:31 Tree
[r6381] by miesfeld

Fix deb build

2010-11-11 18:52:58 Tree
[r6380] by miesfeld

Merge David's configure.ac fix from trunk into 4.1.0

2010-11-11 18:41:29 Tree
[r6379] by wdashley

Fix recursive subdirectory errors when making the unix version of ooRexx. Some of the new Windows subdirs were left out.

2010-11-10 16:14:04 Tree
[r6378] by wdashley

Remove unneeded readme file.

2010-11-10 15:59:50 Tree
[r6377] by miesfeld

3105404 Patch for ncubator/rexxdoc/rexxdoc.cls

2010-11-08 17:08:43 Tree
[r6376] by bigrixx

Initial checkin for [ oorexx-Bugs-2846301 ] SysStemSort very, very slow ....

2010-11-08 12:59:59 Tree
[r6375] by bigrixx

some rudamentary SysStemSort tests for the new algorithm

2010-11-08 12:55:09 Tree
[r6374] by miesfeld

ooDialog beta - alter build to build both versions of ooDialog

2010-11-08 03:07:22 Tree
[r6373] by miesfeld

Split the ooDialog sample programs into two trees

2010-11-08 01:04:21 Tree
[r6372] by miesfeld

split ooDialog into two trees, 4.1.0 and 4.2.0

2010-11-08 00:53:09 Tree
[r6371] by miesfeld

Create a sandbox tree to work on a beta version of ooDialog

2010-11-08 00:07:10 Tree
[r6370] by miesfeld

Move all the sample programs that use the ooDialog framework directly
under the oodialog samples directory. Add a couple of read me files
to help the users locate examples of interest.

Some of the things I would like to / might do are easier if all the
ooDialog examples are in one subdirectory, so I want to get this
in the 4.1.0 release.

2010-11-07 23:42:58 Tree
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