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#973 SysFileTree causes Segmentation fault

Mark Miesfeld

I was running ooRexx 4.0.1 and found a seg fault within SysFileTree. I updated to ooRexx-4.1.0-ubuntu1004.i386.deb and the error still persists.

Ubuntu Server 10.04 x86

This code never completes, rather seg faults:
/ Next scan for FILE's... /
say 'Next scan for FILEs...'
rc=SysFileTree('*', f., 'FOS')

I checked the subtree in question and it appears the SysFileTree should return:
/srv/shares$ find data -name "*" -print | wc -l

that many files. I recalled SysFileTree not being able to get through the data share a LONG time ago, before I did massive cleanup. Perhaps then the file count was around 500,000. Puzzling that years later with far less files it still can not make it through.

I was running the rexx as root via sudo, so that can not be the problem.

I guess I will take the data share a subtree at a time to get through the files fixing perms. Please let me know how I may help sort this out. Thank you!


  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    Hi Michael,

    I'm going to close this bug as a duplicate of:

    3405740 SysFileTree usage Access Violation

    even though you opened this one first. Currently that bug has the most information in it and a higher priority number assigned to it. In that bug we also have evidence of crashes on both Windows and Mac.

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    Michael, I'm going to open this back up for now.

    I could reproduce a crash on several Linux systems and we now have a fix for it. When I commit the code, I'll remark this as fixed and try to get you to test it for me.

  • mdlueck

    Certainly I can test it. My largest file system is on a box running Ubuntu 10.04 x86. Please let me know when you have a test package built which will be compatible with that configuration.

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    Committed revision 8126 in trunk

    Testing looks good, but will do more testing before committing to the 4.1 fixes branch



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