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#852 disablemenuitem doesn't

Mark Miesfeld

I have a tree object that, when an item in the tree is selected, I enable menu item and disable other menu items. The menu items start of disabled. When a tree item is selected, the item I want enabled is enabled and the other item is left disabled. However, as soon as I select another tree item, one menu item is supposed to be disabled while the other is enabled. The enabling works but disabling an item doesn't work so that all items are enabled.

Attached is a demo program that can be used to demonstrate the failure. Select on of the children in the tree. As a result, one item in the menu will be enabled. If you select the other child in the tree, the menu item that was enabled is supposed to be disabled and it is not disabled.


  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    I'm currently out of town on business with limited access. I'll look at this when I return, middle of next week.

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    This is already fixed in trunk.

    In the 4.0.0 release there is a typo in ooDialog.cls. You could fix this in your version of 4.0.0 by editing ooDialog.cls

    Lines 2163 and 2164 read this way:

    ::method disable
    use strict arg itemID, byPosition = .false

    change that to read:

    ::method disable
    use strict arg itemIDs, byPosition = .false

    Note that itemID is changed to itemIDs



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