#737 Text not echoed to terminal

James Johnson

On a Linux system, Suse 11.1 with Gnome desktop, when executing the following line:

parse upper pull totest option

the value typed in is not echoed to the terminal. The Rexx program that contains
this line is invoked by a C++ program that is running under Mono 2.4.

On a Windows system the value is echoed to the terminal. On Windows the Rexx program
is invoked by a Managed C++ program running under .Net 2.0.


  • Rick McGuire
    Rick McGuire

    We're probably going to need a program that reproduces this in order to debug this problem. Are you using the most recent Linux version that was posted? We fixed a problem that sounds similar to this shortly after we announced the RC1 availability.

  • David Ashley
    David Ashley

    If you are using the revision 4802 for i386 Linux RPM there is a really bad console IO bug in that version. We need to refresh that RPM.

  • David Ashley
    David Ashley

    I created a new 4.0 beta i386 RPM and placed it in the download section. Please try this RPM and see if the problem disappears.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson

    I have download and installed the latest rpm.

    The problem is still there. But when I remove Mono from the mix
    the typed in text is echoed.

    It would appear that either Mono or something in my app that Mono is running is interfering. I am closing this bug and do some more testing on my end.



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