#573 RXFTP: FTPDIR fails on z/OS

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Gregori Bliznets

Unfortunately bug fix 1190250 doesn't solve problem completely. This fix assumes that after FTPSetUser we always stay on MVS filesystem, but it's not true, it depends on STARTDIRECTORY server option (FTP.DATA).
When STARTDIRECTORY HFS in effect on the server, we stay on HFS filesystem, SYST returns "UNIX is operating system of this server. FTP Server is running on z/OS", servr_os set to "UNIX" and FTPDIR will use LIST -aL.
In my understanding, if z/OS FTP server reply "UNIX..." on SYST, it MUST also accept "LIST -aL", but it doesn't...

My proposed fix is: add
when temp~pos('Z/OS') > 0 then self~srvr_os = 'MVS'
after line 1835, to recognize z/OS FTP server as MVS anyway.


  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    Hi Gregori,

    Sorry you have not gotten a response on this.

    Does your proposed fix work for you? Have you tested it?

    David - looking at the current code, it looks like the only things that would change are that, if the repsonse to the SYST command had Z/OS in it:

    1.) The ftp dir command would change from
    (no arg)
    LIST -aL ./* to LIST

    (has arg)
    LIST -aL arg to LIST arg

    2.) The ftp ls command would change from:

    NLIST ./* to NLIST

    Would those changes work on any system where the SYST response had Z/OS in it?

    If so, why don't we make the change in trunk, test it, and close this?



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