#1238 Windows installer fails to detect that uninstaller failed

Mark Miesfeld
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Mike Cowlishaw

During install of REXX-ooRexx_4.2.0(MT)_32-bit 6.04 19 Jan 2014 the uninstall of previous version finished normally. The following Install started automatically; I entered all the details, editor file path, etc., but then the installation failed: "Unable to open rexx.dll for write". There was no Rexx or rxapi process in the task manager list. I had to abort the install (which lost the changes I had made) and reboot before I could install ooRexx [and of course my reboot process uses Rexx a lot, so it was a mess...].

OpSys = Windows 7, fully upto-date.


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  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry you are having so much trouble with the release candidate. But, I don't have any idea why you would get the message.

    In general I think the message comes from the operating system and if the operating system says it can't open the file, then it can't.

    I don't suppose you looked in the installation directory to see if rexx.dll still existed at the point of the error message, you probably would have mentioned it. It seems possible to me that rexx.dll couldn't be deleted during the uninstall.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Mark, no I didn't actually look in the directory to see if rexx.dll existed. Like you, I assumed it did and the uninstall failed to delete it.

    [I have a vague memory that this also happened last time I installed (4.1.x) but I didn't have time to report/investigate then.]


  • Anonymous

    [No idea why that one showed as 'Anonymous .. I was/am logged in. MFC]

    OK, I just did a re-install (4.2.0 over 4.2.0), taking notes.
    a) Uninstall was normal, clicked Next on all settings.
    b) Install needed no changes to settings (saved from earlier today), so again, just clicked Next on all.
    c) Again install failed (unable to write rexx.dll).
    d) I went to the \Program Files\oorexx directory (dir is below) and many files were there. I could not delete rexx.dll, even from an Administrator command line (access denied).
    e) Only way, it seems, was a reboot. After the reboot, installed fine.


    Dir after the uninstall had finished and Install window was up:

    Directory of C:\Program Files\ooRexx

    21/01/2014 17:00 <DIR> .
    21/01/2014 17:00 <DIR> ..
    20/01/2014 03:32 55,296 ooDialog.com
    20/01/2014 03:32 460,800 ooDialog.exe
    20/01/2014 03:31 120,320 orexxole.dll
    20/01/2014 03:31 861,696 rexx.dll
    20/01/2014 03:31 54,784 rexx.exe
    20/01/2014 03:31 740,348 rexx.img
    20/01/2014 03:25 126,464 rexxapi.dll
    20/01/2014 03:31 53,248 rexxc.exe
    20/01/2014 03:31 53,760 rexxhide.exe
    20/01/2014 03:31 55,808 rexxpaws.exe
    20/01/2014 03:31 192,512 rexxutil.dll
    20/01/2014 03:26 95,232 rxapi.exe
    20/01/2014 03:31 52,736 rxqueue.exe
    20/01/2014 03:31 47,616 rxsubcom.exe
    21/01/2014 17:00 0 uninstall.log
    15 File(s) 2,970,620 bytes

    Last edit: Mike Cowlishaw 2014-01-21
  • Rick McGuire
    Rick McGuire

    You didn't by chance still have your ELAP shell active when you tried to install? Perhaps that's why the old files couldn't be removed.


  • Anonymous

    No, very careful about that -- and as I mentioned, no Rexx-related process showed in task manager.


  • Anonymous

    [sigh 'Edit' doesn't work in Chrome or IE, will try FF next ...]

  • Mike Cowlishaw
    Mike Cowlishaw

    FF let me edit the earlier post, but it still has spurious dates in the DIR. Anyway, the list of files is correct -- everything still there, despite the uninstall.

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    Mike, the fact that you can't delete rexx.dll yourself with admin privileges seems to show that some process has rexx.dll opened.

    Not sure how much time you have to invest on this, but Process Explorer from Sysinternals can search for a DLL and list what process has it opened. Maybe that would give you some insight.

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