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So it's been a while since this project has seen any changes. As it runs largely as a one man band this has been limited with my work commitments for the last few years. I'm now at a point of that changing. Having clocked up a similar distance for my last employer as on an Apollo mission, I'm getting made redundant. I'm getting a bit of redundancy money so getting back into work isn't an immediate priority, I'm going to take some time out to deal with a few things.... read more

Posted by edh 2012-01-30

Important news about OOoSVN and a new project

OOoSVN has not had an update in a while and there's been a few reasons why that I can explain now.

The current OOoSVN code was never really intended to be the framework for a corporate level document version management system and there were a lot of new features that are wanted which could not be easily coded in. In addition the current setup is platform dependent.

As such, recoding it in another language was one way out. At the same time, splitting it into a core Python library and a frontend for the office suite allows others to use the same version control framework in other suites.... read more

Posted by edh 2007-11-28

Help for OSX users

A useful discussion about OOoSVN on a Mac has taken place at the NeoOffice forums, this may help other users on OSX:

Posted by edh 2007-09-01

SVN repository now up

After a bit of playing OOoSVN's code is now in SVN on SF. It was rather ironic before that a project centered around SVN did not make use of it.

Currently there is a directory for the shell scripts, one for the extension files and one for the user guide (only just started, this will become more important). I intend to write a build script which will package everything up.

Posted by edh 2007-03-07