#23 put it on a DVD ISO please

Jim Michaels

there are so many rpm files to download, one by one, that you have to click on and wait 1 minute for sourceforge to automatically pick the mirror and upload to you. and there aree like several hundred files.

please have mercy on us and put it all in a collection of DVD ISOs.
refer to
for exact media capacities in bytes.
I suggest using the tool mkisofs. It is part of cdrtools and if you are on windows, comes with the sourceforge project cdrtfe (http://sf.net/projects/cdrtfe).
to use mkisofs from that toolset, you should add the cdrtools directory it has to your PATH and copy the cygwin directory contents (the DLL's) to cdrtools dir.
You probably won't need to use -isolevel 3 but use it anyway for safety in case you ever have to deal with large files.
you should also add an autorun.inf file to the root directory for windows users.
it will contain the following content:


  • Kami

    The main idea is behind the small packages is the usage of repository. You can use repositories for deb based and rpm based systems. Of course you can reach the old formats - a big tar.gz. They are bigger, because it contains all of languages.