Calc Crashes when I try to Copy

  • Michael Peters
    Michael Peters

    System and Configuration
    PII 350MHz
    128MB Ram
    OOo2.4 (actually Oxygen Office) Fresh install
    Tested with Custom install and no changes, as well as Complete install
    No auto updates
    Tools - options
        Remove from memory after 1 minute (00:01)
        No Quickstart
        Macro security : Medium
        Paths: My Documents set to H:\ (default), Backup set to H:\.  Still doesn't work when I use the OOo default settings.
    extensions: Altsearch 1.1.2 and Cropooo0.2.1

    Problem:  When in Calc and I attempt to copy the contents of a cell, OOo crashes at uses of Ctrl+C, Toolbar button, or Edit Menu to copy. OOo crashes and restarts to recover.  I Can't remember if this happened in OOo2.2 which I am upgrading from.

    I need to install/upgrade 90 machines.  Issues with OOo2.2 Base among others are the reasons for upgrading.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Kami

      Sorry for the delay. Could you provide some more information about the problem. I tried to insert lots of data but not crash at all. Do you have specific content (from internet) the is not insertable to Calc?