Failed to check for updates

Ari Sitnik
  • Ari Sitnik
    Ari Sitnik

    For quite a while (since early version 2.x) I have noticed that following the "Help --> Check for updates" routine always results in "Check for an upate failed", whether there was or not a new version available of both program and/or extensions.
    Please help me understand what the issue is and how to solve it.
    Thanks in advance!

    • I've had the sam problem up to 3.0, but not in the latest! :-)
      At the momend I have an inofficial
      There the problem is back. :-(

  • Jonathan

    I just installed the latest version tonight (9-24-09) and I have this same problem. It has never worked for me in any of the versions of OxygenOffice Professional - Office Suite.
    How can this be fixed.

    Thank you

    ("Help -> Check for updates" routine always results in "Check for an upate failed")

    Vista Home Premium

  • ping

    OpenOffice 3.1.1 does the same thing on Vista Home Premium for me, the behaviour is slightly different on XP Professional where it sits checking for ages I eventually kill it, whereas the failure is quite quick on Vista. In any case if it doesn't work in the upstream product, it won't work on OxygenOffice Professional either.