Dear fellows,

I am using ooolib-python 0.0.17 to create calc files (ods) from data that comes from a python program.

I would like to know how to format columns in Currency, Date and Time, number and percent formats.
I just found set_columns_property function to set bold/italic/height/weight/font properties.

For instance, I am using 
mydate= "=datevalue(\"%s\")" % row[i].strftime("%m/%d/%Y")
doc.set_cell_value(col, row, "formula", mydate)

When I open the file I got a number in the cell, unless, manually, I format it as "Date".
The same with percent, time, currency, etc.
How to set that format applied to the cell/column by ooolib ?

best regards,

Miguel A. Rozsas