TexMaths, a fork of ooolatex for LibreOffice

  • Roland Baudin
    Roland Baudin

    Hi all,

    since the ooolatex project seems to be dead, I've recently released a fork named TexMaths.

    TexMaths is an extension for LibreOffice and allows to produce LaTeX equations in the same way as ooolatex.

    I reused a large part of the code of Geoffroy Piroux and if someone knows how to contact him for acknowledgement, please let me know.

    Here is the link to the TexMaths website with a full documentation :

    Best regards,
    Roland Baudin

  • gpiroux

    Hi Roland,

    It is a great news that someone continues to make this little plugin evolve…
    The useage of svg is a very important improvement! I definitely have to make a try ;-)
    Does the plugin work also with a regular OpenOffice or NeoOffice (Mac) ?

    Geoffroy Piroux

    PS: I have a gmail address as indicated in the source code of OOoLatex.

  • Inas H.
    Inas H.

    Because ooolatex cant be used with ghostrscript 64 bit, I tried TexMath.

    And it works fine under OpenOffice. Thanks for this tipp. It saved my day :)