error on compiling the chord program

  • Hi. I want to use the online songbook.
    On ubuntu 6.06 I got an error I don't understand. See --

    me@pavlov:~/songbook/chord$ make
    gcc -DUS -g   -c -o common.o common.c
    gcc -DUS -g   -c -o xpose.o xpose.c
    gcc -DUS -g   -c -o iso.o iso.c
    gcc -DUS -g   -c -o chord.o chord.c
    gcc -DUS -g   -c -o grid.o grid.c
    gcc -DUS -g   -c -o toc.o toc.c
    g++ -DUS -g -c -o sortscripture.o sortscripture.c
    g++ -DUS -g -o chord common.o xpose.o iso.o chord.o grid.o toc.o sortscripture.o
    chord.o: In function `process_file':/home/me/songbook/chord/chord.c:1897: undefined reference to `errno'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [chord] Error 1
    Can anyone help me learn this and get it to compile?

    • Jonathan Daley
      Jonathan Daley

      This question was answered by the author over private email:


            Wait a sec! Googled errno and discovered
            on a whim I tried adding #include < errno.h> and removed extern int errno;