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OneCMS 2.6 Development Underway

We are happy to announce the development of OneCMS 2.6 is on track for a late 2009/early 2010 release. You can find out more about our project on the official OneCMS site.

Also check out our forum for support, requests, etc.

Posted by Mehar Gill 2009-11-05

OneCMS v2.5 - Released

I'm happy to announce the long-awaited release of OneCMS v2.5. With v2.5 of OneCMS we have taken the popular gaming-CMS and re-invented it. Both the admin panel and frontend are practically fit into just two files! As well there have been many bug fixes, security fixes, improved RSS, improved stats program, all modules being re-done or improved and so much more! You can download OneCMS Below:

Posted by InsaneVisions 2008-01-16

OneCMS v2.5 - Beta Signup

There hasn't been much talk about the upcoming OneCMS v2.5 and I wish it could of been released earlier, but the good news is that it will be out before the new year! To squash out some bugs a beta is now up. By the time you sign-up, you should have instant access to download it.

As with the AdaptCMS Lite v1.0 Beta, simply go to that page and you will have only a few details to fill out. You must be a registered member here at Insane Visions, so make sure you are logged in (if not, then register).... read more

Posted by InsaneVisions 2007-12-22

OneCMS - v2.5 in the works

After a year I can finally say a new version of OneCMS, OneCMS v2.5, is finally in development stages. Many enhancements, moreso of re-doing code, re-doing features, bug fixes and much more is upcoming. Details will be available in the coming week or two.

Posted by InsaneVisions 2007-09-15

OneCMS v2.4 - Update Released

You can now download an updated release of OneCMS v2.4 fixing several issues:

Posted by InsaneVisions 2006-06-02

OneCMS v2.4 Fix - Released

A small fix has been released and is labeled "urgent", without the fix users cannot login in the frontend. Download below:

Posted by InsaneVisions 2006-05-31

OneCMS v2.4 - Released!

I'm proud to announce the new release of the highly awaited-for, v2.4 of OneCMS. Aside from numerous security enhancements and many enhancements, the best new features in OneCMS include an-indepth stats program, a brand new default forum/frontend/admin skin, the most detailed forum skin system available and much more. You can download OneCMS Below:

Posted by InsaneVisions 2006-05-08

OneCMS v2.3 - Released

I'm proud to announce the new release of OneCMS v2.3. Aside from security enhancements, improved code and minor changes, the best new features in OneCMS include an overhauled forum system, Backup Tool, Very easy-to-use support system and Word Count feature. You can download OneCMS Below:

Posted by InsaneVisions 2005-12-21

OneCMS v2.2 Final - Released

Due to some major bugs in the installation I have decided to re-release v2.2 of OneCMS. Installation will be smooth and if your host disallows use of including full URL's you will be able to select a skin now.

Posted by InsaneVisions 2005-10-08

OneCMS v2.2 - Patch Released

A critical patch for v2.2 of OneCMS has been released. Download, extract the files, run it in your browser and your done. This will fix any problems related to errors/cant add content and not being able to choose a skin.

Posted by InsaneVisions 2005-10-01

OneCMS v2.2 - Released

I'm proud to announce the release of Version 2.2 of OneCMS. Along with numerous security enhancements, speed enhancements and bug fixes OneCMS also has many new features such as User Reviews, extensive mod_rewrite (games, content, forums, gallery, pages) and an all new Gallery Manager which lets you manage media MUCH more easily!

There are also many internal enhancements which should help the stability of the script. You can download OneCMS v2.2 by visiting the Files page.... read more

Posted by InsaneVisions 2005-09-27