What about a Wiki Help page?


  • Anonymous

    Hello, I'm very interested in this project and the possibility to start up a community.
    To begin I think that involving people is the point.
    I found some error in once:radix_Linux_Install_Guide and after a lot of try and research finally i've got server running.
    What do you think to begin with a Wiki Help page where the "community" can help you to maintain the documentation up to date and correct?
    I think that if more people can successfully install and try once:radix, more people can get involved and maybe in the future can be active part of the development of this project.


  • Moxmose

    Again I'm Here . this could be consiedered a question of principle… But I really hope to install and see with my eyes the server running and working once in my life… A product like once:radix could be a real must in many situations, so it could bring many opportunities to all. Really happy to contribute to something like this - if you only can give some brief description of what have you changed from standard installation….. Just a little brief description (italian is of course my preferred) so i try instantly….