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OnBoard C / News: Recent posts

OnBoard Suite v2.1 released

The OnBoard Suite team is excited to announce the release of v2.1 of the OnBoard Suite. Thanks to everyone who contributed code, reported bugs, and suggested ideas. The OnBoard Suite is a C-language development environment that runs on and creates executables for the Palm OS. The OnBoard Suite creates stand-alone, fully-fledged PRCs with no need for run time libraries. OnBoard Suite comes with OnBoard C (a C compiler), a built-in assembler, SrcEdit (a programmer's editor), Sherpa (a palm-to-host porting tool) and documentation. This release of the OnBSuite incorporates a large number of fixes including _many_ SrcEdit updates and bug fixes as well as new documentation (Users' Guide and Cookbook).

Posted by Wade Guthrie 2003-03-17

Our First Release

We've made our first release of the OnBoard
suite. Check it out!

Posted by Wade Guthrie 2002-09-27