New Release: Bellagio 0.9.2

Hi all,<br>
the release of Bellagio ver. 0.9.2 is available on Source Forge at
the address:<br>

The packages related to external Bellagio components not included the main package are described and can be downloaded from the download page:

The new features in this version are:

* Upgraded the version of OpenMAX header files to version 1.1.2
* This package is released with a small set of components that do
not depend from any external library. It makes the package installable
and usable on a variety of Linux distros and platforms. The other
components are released as separate packages
* A simple internal resource manager capable to put the components
in Wait For Resources if needed.
* Added simple content pipe support
* Improved the extension mechanism for proprietary indexes and
* Added support for Debian package creation
* Added return error support for queue functions

Best Regards,

Giulio Urlini, Bellagio Team

Posted by Giulio Urlini 2009-10-12