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Needed Step

In the "processlogin.php" page, you'll need to change the cookie directors to your website's address, instead of mine. I will have a config file in the 1.1.0 release (March-ish) that will correct this issue.

Posted by Philip 2005-02-12

Database Patched

It came to my attention that the data entry file for the database was incorrect in creating the main admin account. I have posted a patch file in the release section, along with a new package including the patched file instead of the older incorrect file.

I will be leaving the country for the 16th - 26th of Feb., so I won't be able to get back to you until the 27th.

Posted by Philip 2005-02-12

Release 1

The stable build of OMS has been released. Upload the files to your webserver and setup the mySQL database & you should be ready to go!

Posted by Philip 2005-01-04

Stable Build

I have a stable build created, and as soon as I add a config file I will release it.

Posted by Philip 2004-11-24