Hello all,


I’ve just started digging into OMPL and have setup a few experiments with the GUI. I created one experiment with the following:

·         simple rectangular block as an obstacle

·         Robot type is Quadrotor and the RRT planner with differential constraints (Planning with controls)

·         Start and goal states are on different sides of the block


With this setup, I believe the QuadrotorPlanning.h file is used from /src/omplapp/apps to define the vehicle, state space, etc. Is this correct?


A path is generated, but it is very jerky, with the vehicle moving in unrealistic ways. When planning with controls, it does not appear there is a PathSimplifier class as there is with geometric planning. Is that correct?


My question: is there a way to produce a smoother path with this problem setup? 


Thanks in advance,

- Jared