OkidataML 320 Turbo and weird trouble

  • craigbass76

    I have a few questions.  One is...

    Is Omni included in the Fedora Core 4 distribution that you knwo of, or I just happen to have a Microline 320 driver?

    The next...

    This may be fixed by getting a better driver, but here's an odd sort of behavior I've witnessed.

    The paper runs out on a Microline 320 Turbo (which is shared out of a Fedora box on a windowsXP network via samba) and then it won't work when the paper is reloaded.  Well, wait a minute.  There are two of these things.  One hooked up via lp0 and the other is usb.

    I can fix it by reinstalling the driver (pain in the arse)


    Stopping and restarting cups, samba, and the actual printers (cupsdisable/cupsenable)

    I have also deleted the printer file (a .tdd I think) somewhere in /var/cache or /var/spool with varying degrees of success.

    The last fix (stopping and restarting everything) worked the best.  But now, the paper doesn't even need to run out.  It seems as though these printers have a bigger fit on Monday morning than most people do about going back to work.  I'm actually not sure if it's the printers at all.  Could be the windows boxes, the POS software running on them, the printers, or the Linux print server.

    I see that this project includes a driver for the Turbo version, and I am only using the 320 driver that came with Fedora, so I understand that my problem may just be the driver, though that doesn't explain why it works for a couple of weeks and then quits this morning.

    Any ideas?