On 1/29/07, Matteo Zandi <matteo.zandi@gmail.com> wrote:
Make sure the module is loaded with 'lsmod | grep omnibook', otherwise load it with 'sudo modprobe omnibook' (after 'sudo make install'). When the module is loaded do a 'dmesg | grep omnibook' and past the result in the mailing list. We'll see what we can do.

joaoolavo@note:~/omnibook-2.20060921$ lsmod | grep omni
omnibook               46488  0
backlight               7552  1 omnibook

joaoolavo@note:~/omnibook-2.20060921$ dmesg | grep omni
[17180472.848000] omnibook: Driver version 2.20060921.
[17180472.848000] omnibook: Unknown model.
[17180472.848000] omnibook: Enabled features: version dmi.

It's loaded. But the output of dmesg show a message "Unknow model".
How can I enable other features, like hotkeys??

In /proc/omnibook there is these 2 files, and its contents:

joaoolavo@note:~/omnibook-2.20060921$ ls /proc/omnibook/
dmi  version
joaoolavo@note:~/omnibook- 2.20060921$ cat /proc/omnibook/version
joaoolavo@note:~/omnibook-2.20060921$ cat /proc/omnibook/dmi
BIOS Vendor:   Phoenix Technologies LTD
BIOS Version:  1.20  
BIOS Release:  10/11/2006
System Vendor: TOSHIBA
Product Name:  Satellite M115
Version:       PSMB0U-018007
Serial Number: Y6414528Q
Board Vendor:  Intel Corporation
Board Name:    Not Applicable

It seems that the model of my notebook is a Satellite M115.
Is the module omnibook ready to lead with this toshiba model?

How can I enable the features that make FnFx works and the multimedia works??

João Olavo Baião de Vasconcelos
Ciência da Computação