ACPI support

  • William McKee
    William McKee

    Hi Peter et al,

    I've recently acquired an OmniBook XE3 and installed the omnibook kernel module. Nice work!

    I have noticed that the Gnome battery applet cannot correctly determine when I'm using a/c or battery power. I've tried setting apmemu=1 as suggested in a previous message regarding ACPI support.

    Just wonder if any further efforts have been made to make the module more acpi compliant.


    • Soós, Péter
      Soós, Péter

      The problem is not the ACPI compliance. The Gnome battery applet seems to check the ACPI battery status first, ant if not available the apm status. The ACPI battery info problem on XE3 GF is partially fixed in the latest ACPI code. If you do not want to build your own (ACPI patched) kernel, disable the ACPI battery info (battery.o module) and try to use apmemu=1 option of omnibook module.