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Locales document for omegat added to SF website

A Locales document has been to the omega t+ sourceforge website. It gives a very basic overview of locales as used in omegat and some other related information.

It still needs more work, but users can get something out of it as it stands.

Access it at in the omegat documentation section or directly via

If anybody wants to translate it, go right ahead (just check the licence so you know what is granted and expected). Please let us know
if you do this.... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-10-23

File Filters document for omegat added to SF website

A File Filters document for omegat has been added to the SF website.

Access it via or through the project homepage ( in the omegat documentation section.


Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-10-22

Quick Start tutorial added, homepage updated

A Quick Start document has been added to the omega t+ website. This should be of assistance to new users.

Access it through the home page ( in the omegat section on documentation or go directly to

If anybody would like to translate this it would be quite welcome (check the licence first so that you understand the rights and obligations that this entails).... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-10-22

bitextor & tagaligner binaries added

Binary packages for bitextor and tagaligner have been added. These are are only for Linux and there is no guarantee they will work properly.

Please let us know about any problems you encounter. Hope you find them useful.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-09-14

pdftk 1.12 RPMs available

RPMs (source/binary) for pdftk - the pdf toolkit - are now available.

pdftk provides functionality to work with PDFs in various ways that go beyond what can be done with a PDF reader/viewer.

Note: pdftk requires GCJ to work. Although it uses Java, it has been developed to work with the GNU Compiler Collections Java (GCJ) implementation and will not work with other Java implementations.

It can work on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and other platforms that have the appropriate libraries and tools installed.... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-06-19

omega t+ project: 1 year later...

omega t+ project is now one year old.

In that time a few versions of omegat have been released and a number of other translation related tools have been added to the project.

There is much more to come in the future: anew version of omegat is pending and there are other useful programs that will be added to the project.

Please participate in this project if you find it useful.

Infinity and beyond...

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-06-10

Tag Aligner 1.0 packages released

Tag Aligner, from the associated project, is an application basically for webpage bitext alignment. At present only source code is available and this is mainly intended for use on Linux/UNIX. It may compile on windoze (via Cygwin) or Mac (using Fink).

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-05-03

bitextor 1.0 packages released

Packages of bitextor, from the project, have been released on omega t+. This application is intended for use with webpages to create bitext. Only the source code is available currently and this is mainly intended for use on Linux/UNIX. Might compile on Windoze (via Cygwin) or Mac (using Fink).

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-05-03

TMXValidator packages released

TmxValidator, from Maxprograms, has recently been open sourced. Now there are some packages of that on omega t+. Note: does not include Windoze version because some related code for it seems to be missing, thus it cannot be distributed on sourceforge. Also, downloading from sourceforge is significantly faster than from its homepage, and nothing to fill in to get it!

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-05-03

omegat 1.4.6 released

omegat 1.4.6 was recently released. Not much change from, but no users manual due to possible license conflict. Users can use the OmegaT 1.4.5 manual in the interim while a new manual is being written.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-05-03

omega t+ Maintenace

Please note that omegat and the recently included OmegaT have been temporarily removed for maintenance.

The OmegaT documentation is in violation of the GFDL licence and copyright. Since the omegat documentation is based on the OmegaT version it also is in violation. Therefore, the omegat documentation will be fixed to this remedy this situation.

A new version of the documentation will be released with the development of the upcoming 1.5 release of omegat.... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-01-28

bitext2tmx packages now on omega t+

Packages for the new sourceforge project program bitext2tmx are now available on omega t+.

This program is a java-based source/target text aligner that will help you create a TMX to use in omegat, or other supporting translation memory program, from past translations.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-01-27

OmegaT packages on omega t+

OmegaT is now avaialbe on the omega t+ project.

7-Zip, tar-gzip, and tar.bzip2 packages of binary and source are available.

omega t+ will host the stable versions of OmegaT from now on and try to supply them in formats not available on the OmegaT project.

Development versions of OmegaT are available at

Users can now select the version they want from one place.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-01-21

Future omegat 1.5 (milestone 1) release

There will be a milestone 1 release for the upcoming 1.5 version of omegat in the coming weeks.

Currently working on numerous fronts to bring better functionality and squash many of the existing bugs. A number of goodies will be introduced that you will just have to stay tuned for...

Version 1.5 will be a significant step forward for the application that takes it in the direction users really want it to go!... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-11-25

Zip format to be dropped in new releases of omegat

After making a number of packages for past releases of omegat (omega t+ project) I have decided that future releases will not include a zip package.

The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. zip packages are significantly larger than other formats (slower downloads and larger storage);
  2. zip format is outdated (the underlying technology can not compete with others like 7-zip or bzip2);
  3. there are a number of other formats available to users on all platforms... read more
Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-10-31

omega t+: omegat release available

omegat has been released.

This is a minor release that corrects a couple of small bugs.

In addition, there is a new Users Manual sub-menu in the Help menu and a Chinese localization of the user interface.

The sub-menu gives access to the Table of Contents and Quick Start tutorial.

Currently, the Chinese UI is known to work on windows (perhaps Mac OS X), but does not function properly on Linux/UNIX.... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-10-28

omegat jar file re-issue for Mac OS

The stock omegat.jar file in the release is known to not function on Mac OS X (version 10.4.2). A minor bug has been fixed and it now works. Please replace the old jar file with the re-issued version (backup first).

There is no known issue with the functioning of the stock jar file on Linux or Windows.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-09-29

omega t+ release sentseg 1.0.0 sentence segmenter

omega t+ announces the release of senseg 1.0.0, a sentence segmenter for user with omegat. sentseg effectively converts sentence into paragraphs inside Opendocument and files so they can be used with omegat or other appropriate translation application.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-09-01

omega t+ release extspell 1.1.2 spellchecker

omega t+ has now released the spellchecker front-end extspell. It acts as a front-end GUI to Apsell and works on at least Linux/UNIX and Windows with that spellchecking back-end.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-09-01

omega t+ release of omegat Users Manual inseparate packages

omega t+, a computer assisted translation tool suite, announces the release of the omegat CAT tools users manual in separate packages. Use the manual separately from a location of your choosing or to help with localization of omegat into other languages using omegat itself.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-08-31

omegat surpasses 25 downloads in one week

Sure it isn't that many, but over 25 downloads in one week for omegat is approximately 10% on average of what its revival project had over the month. Not a bad start and more momentum will be gained as progress continues.

So enjoy omegat and tell all your translation and language type friends and associates about it.

Everyone is invited to use it and participate in its future development.

All are welcome!

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-08-31

omega t+ home page now up

There is now an omega t+ home page accessible via Contains some details on the project thus far and the complete Users Manual for omegat also.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-08-31

OmegaT feeling threatened by omega t+ release of omegat

Recent release of omegat by the omega t+ project has resulted in attacks from some OmegaT project members who do not seem to understand the GPL or have the correct open source spirit.
omegat is a repacking of OmegaT with some changes/improvements and available in more package formats for installation. This last point is exactly one of the reasons for the existence of the omega t+ project and was a founding reason given to sourceforge to start the project and has ceremoniously been approved by them.... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-08-29

omega t+: omegat re-release available

The omegat cross-platform Computer Assisted Translation tool is now available. Comes in 7-zip, tar gzipped, tar bzip2, RPM, and zip flavors. Get a taste now :)

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-08-25

omega t+: omegat release now availabe

omega t+ is please to announce the release of omegat, a cross-platform computer assisted translation tool. This version includes improvements and additions over the the stock OmegaT version, from which it is derived. tar.gz, tar.bz2, and zip packages are ready for download. An RPM package is to follow in the near future. See the

Posted by Raymond Martin 2005-08-24