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#29 Segmentation Configuration Window Improvements

Sadi Yumusak

Current Segmentation Configuration Window consists of two main sections: (Language) Sets and Segmentation Rules.
Segmentation Rules list consists of 3 columns: (1) Break/Exception, (2) Pattern Before, (3) Pattern After
I suggest adding 2 more columns here:
(1) Enable/Disable (which allows "commenting out" some rules on the file for use in other projects)
(2) Description (a brief information about the functioning of each rule might be useful for users, especially if they can have access to a collection of segmentation rules developed by more experienced users)


  • Raymond Martin
    Raymond Martin

    That seems possible, at least on the surface. One main concern is not breaking users current segmentation rules going forward. Anyway, the guts of the code has to be revamped to support SRX, which is a more important feature. Based on that, various options for elements and attributes (to display/edit) can be implemented.

    I think this will have to possibly be dealt with later after the next release and when SRX functionality is being developed.