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#17 Tell translated/untranslated segments apart


From http://groups.google.com/group/omegatplus/browse_thread/thread/6c741c6f82f82789/929a1d845eec4eda#929a1d845eec4eda

It is common to create a translation from original
files but many strings (segments in OT+ terminology) are the same in
original and translated version.

There is no possibility how to tag some string as translated. This
will helps a lot as we can decide, which string is or not translated.
I have many strings which have the same string for original and
translation and I do not "touch" them. In this version of OmegaT+ the
only possibility to "translate" some string is to change something in
it. Then it is skipped when using "Goto unext untranslated" and
statistic is updated as well.

Is there any possibility to implement tag "Translated/Untranslated

I'm missing that feature, too. So here comes the ticket.
Regards, Joe


  • Raymond Martin
    Raymond Martin

    First, this is not a bug. It is a feature request, so it is moved to that section now.

    If you do not translate a segment then it automatically goes into translated document untouched, right. No problem so far. With the styles/coloring you can see what is/is not translated and sort of work out what is gong on.

    But, yes, being able to mark a segment as translated (i.e., accepted for output, since it is not translated at all) is needed. And this has been thought of previously, just not implemented as of yet.