#660 Give a list of matches based on a selection in the segment


If part of a text in fuzzy matches is mouse selected, OmegaT will provide a statistic of its similarity to the segment being translated


  • Do you mean that you want to be able to see the match percentage of each of the matches by hovering your mouse over them (so that you don't have to press Ctrl+number to see it)?

    Or do you mean that OmegaT should give the user an estimate of what the match percentage would have been if TM's segment contained only the selected text? If the latter, what use would that have?

    --leuce (not logged in)

  • I think it is for when the source is fully contained in the match but the match is so long that the % does not show that match in priority.


  • Anonymous

    Brandelune's interpretation is correct. Sometimes changes to actual formatting in two similar documents will render fuzzy matches with loaded TMs less efficient. But you "know that you have transalate the second part of this segment before". So select, right click and get a fuzzy match (search facility is with exact or keyword match).

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  • Didier Briel
    Didier Briel

    • summary: TM on hover --> Give a list of matches based on a selection in the segment
  • Didier Briel
    Didier Briel

    I change the title according to your new explanation.

    Note that fuzzy matches are not based on "exact or keyword match", but on a fuzzy match algorithm.
    If what you need is something based on "exact or keyword match" you can do a search. Doing a selection, then pressing Ctrl+F + Enter will give you the result.



  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the title change. What I would think is usesful is not an "exact or keyword match" but the ability to rapidly compare a sub-segment with actual entries in the TMs.

  • Guido Leenders
    Guido Leenders

    I would like this functionality to be added. It helps me to quickly look up historical translations on parts of the segment (parapgraph or sentence). Ofcourse, ctrl+f is possible, but even better would be a menu entry in the right click mouse menu. And then have the ability to replace the selected text by the choosen match.