Jim Cramer Believes the Next Hit Biotechs will Have “Deep Pipelines That are Growing up FAST!”

Now granted, Mad Money’s Cramer identified Celgene Corp. (CELG) as a company that “may fit the bill,” but we all know that Cramer only publicly approves blue chip companies. Based on his rationale, though, we would propose that a “baby blue chip” Cramer should be looking at is Nuvilex (OTCQB: N.V.L.X).

As Cramer notes, Celgene is addressing different types of cancer and disorders. Cramer is spot on looking for a company with a varied pipeline that can work on many indications, which independently can generate BILLIONS in annual sales. CELG is a great prospect if you want to wait maybe a decade to possibly see a doubling of your asset (shares are over $100 each) (and let’s not forget about the downside if drugs fail and generic competitors take market share).

Nuvilex, Inc.  has boundless upside potential because its proprietary cell encapsulation technology is a true platform that has the potential to serve as a benefit to countless indications. At 7.6 cents per share the downside risk is nominal, which makes it even more attractive!

Jim Cramer thinks a novel pancreatic can.cer therapy is worth at least $2 BILLION a year…and that’s just a fraction of what is N U V I L E X (OTCQB: N.V.L.X)cell encapsulation therapy can address!

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