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Olio 0.3 released

New features in this release:
- Better directory layout
- Unicode support with changeable output encoding
- Timer callbacks for plugins
- Delayed message sending
- Server lag measurement

Posted by Teemu Haapoja 2005-10-28

Olio 0.2 released

Biggest new feature in this release is support for plugins. Some example plugins are included.

Posted by Teemu Haapoja 2005-09-15

Olio 0.1c released

This release adds DCC admin interface and some admin commands. User groups are also included.

Posted by Teemu Haapoja 2005-07-24

Olio 0.1b released

This release adds the IRC bot class. Users are recognized by hostmask as defined in users.xml. More information on the file release page.

Posted by Teemu Haapoja 2005-07-22

Olio 0.1a released

Including basic IRC client code and some test scripts.

Posted by Teemu Haapoja 2005-07-13