OpenJavaTradingSystem v0.13 released

Version 0.13 of OpenJavaTradingSystem was released today.

before you start to use the packages:
!!you will need jdk1.5 to run the bin packages!!

i did not yet have the time to update the documentation for version 0.13 on the web-site. i will add the new documentation in the next few days.

among the new and noteworthy functionality in this new release are the following items:
- added an OnVista data input handler to retrieve free stock, fund and currency data from this provider.
- implemented currencies
- db structures
- retrieval of values from onvista
- conversion of values for security papers to and from given currencies
- restructured the Functionality "namespace" class into several more specialized versions.
- finished the implementation of portfolios and its evaluation methods.
- added a general framework on how to apply algorithms to stock market time series.
- plus some algorithms like moving average, log scale, ...
- switched from the SISC/Scheme interactive shell to ABCL/CommonLisp plus its editor called "j".
- added a general data caching mechanism to cache data that was already retrieved over the web in the file system.

besides that the packages structure and core interfaces are becoming more and more stable.

Posted by Christian Schuhegger 2005-06-01