#13 Oddjob build file misses oddball test modules

William Rose

The build.xml in the oddjob project cleans the test oddjobs (apple & orange), but does not rebuild them in the compile-tests target. This means that the module tests fail as the oddball classes are not found.

The attached patch adds two ant tasks to run the test oddball build files.


  • Rob Gordon
    Rob Gordon

    Which test fails? I expect it needs a new BuildOddballs().run() added to it, like DirectoryOddballTest. I went this route because I wanted to test in Eclipse before building with Ant (but also because I wanted to play with the new built in Compiler)

  • William Rose
    William Rose

    Hmm. I thought it was org.oddjob.OddjobModulesTest, and a couple of others, but I'm struggling to recreate this issue now.

    I didn't clear out the oj-assembly/persist directory at first, and since I did that the issue has gone away, so I probably had not fully executed the test suite.

    I think perhaps some of the tests need the DirectoryOddballTest to have run, so it's okay when the whole suite runs, but doesn't work if you cherry pick them.

    Whatever the cause, the proposed fix isn't actually that helpful after all.