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rc5 supported and required

I upgraded OJBC to use OJB rc5. It is not required for the console to work. This is the first release with rc5.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2004-02-08

Next release - Documentation

I plan to provide a lot of updates in the documentation in my next release.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-12-13

2nd maintenance release out

I just finished another release that includes lots of bug fixes. I also finished most of the work related to localization.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-12-13

1st of several upcoming releases is out

I just released the first of several upcoming maitenance releases. You may be interested in picking these releases up since they will be mostly bug fixes and ui enhancements.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-11-15

Been on Break, back at it now

I have been on a little break from working on OJBC. I had some busy weekends over the past few weeks. I am currently working on a maintenance release so if you find bugs please, please, report them !!!

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-10-27

1.1.1 released

1.1.1 is a release with new functionality added. See release notes for more info.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-09-17

1.1.1 won't be quite so big

I accidentally bundled a bunch of extra jars from torque in the 1.1.0 release. In 1.1.1, I will remove that.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-09-16

Welcome Vivek

Vivek has joined the team and already contributed torwards the new web design you see in 1.1.0. Thanks to him for his help.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-09-16

1.1 Released

1.1 has some new features and a first phase of redesign for the look and feel. The new features include repository validation, a preview of the repository builder, and export features.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-09-16

1.1 almost ready

I'm working on 1.1 release which contains some new features especially with regard to OJB administration

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-09-15

1.0.8 released - Data Type Support

DataType support was added for a lot of the JDBC types that did not previously work such as DATE and REAL. See release notes for complete list

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-24

1.0.7 released

I have released 1.0.7 with enhanced validation support. I have updated the documentation to describe how to utilize the new features. Also, OJB rc4 is required.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-21

Struts Validation Support

I have added support for adding custom struts validations. This enables you to associate any struts validation with a field in your class descriptor for the Insert/Edit form.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-21

1.0.6 released

1.0.6 contains some new features I had planned for 1.0. This enables one to associate widgets with a specific field descriptor. I also enhanced the file widget so that it can populate multiple fields with additional information such as file size, content type. I added create/modification date widgets. Finally, I submitted one major bug fix. You may have seen this in the demo.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-13

Release 1.0.5 rc1

For those who downloaded earlier version, I would recommend upgrading or trying out 1.0.5. I have been working towards a stable version with the current feature set and so far this version is the most stable of the releases.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-09

Testing and Fixing

I am in a phase where I am mostly testing and fixing bugs. So you should see an increase in the amount of defects opened.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-07

Web Designer, Maybe?

Someone has volunteered some help with the web design. I hope to add this person to the team soon. Any more volunteers?

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-07

User's Guide Available

I have written my first draft of the user's guide. Please take a look at http://ojbc.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-08-03

Improving Documentation

I added some additional help, and I am working on more detailed documentation.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-07-31

Maintenance Mode

I have entered a mode where I am only fixing bugs and improving documentation. After I get some good documentation for the current feature set, I will begin working towards v 2.0

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-07-30

Release 1.0.2

Release 1.0.2 has been released. This contains a blue color theme.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-07-29

Color scheme to change

I have been experiementing with different color scheme's while i test out how easy it is to customize the look and feel. The current one is kinda wacky but it was fun :) I hope to make it really easy to change the layout

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-07-27

Source Build is ready

Release 1.0.1 contains a enhances in the distribution itself. It enables building the source code through ant and allows for you to easily package your OJB files and objects within the application's war.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-07-24

Release 1.0.0

The first release of objc has been uploaded. This includes the source code and a precompiled war file.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-07-23

Just getting started

I'm in the process of getting this project started on source forge. Please email me if you would like to see an early version. I have it available.

Posted by Alexander Bibighaus 2003-07-23